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Stalingrad unveiled

Another World War II shooter on its way, this time from 4X

4X Studio are keeping themselves busy. Already hard at work on the intriguing alternative history action game Iron Storm, and having announced a new console game called Times Of Trouble just a couple of days ago, the French developer has now unveiled yet another project. Stalingrad will recreate one of the bloodiest battles of the Second World War as a first person shooter on the PC and Xbox, with a variety of mission objectives to complete, AI allies to help you out, and some RPG-lite elements in the form of skills that improve as you gain experience. The game will apparently follow the experience of a young Russian sniper as he gains a reputation for himself in the ravaged Soviet city, which suggests that 4X have been watching Enemy At The Gates. Either way, the early screenshots are quietly impressive, and it could make a nice break from the typical run and gun action of most first person shooters. Expect to hear more soon. Related Feature - Stalingrad screenshots