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Infogrames swallows Eden

But don't worry, V-Rally 3 is still at green

Eden Studios, the European developer responsible for the V-Rally series, has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Infogrames, which had previously held a 19.8 percent stake in the company. Infogrames is in the process of increasing its internal development resources by adding studios like Eden to the pile. Eden is currently busy completing V-Rally 3 for the PlayStation 2 in time for its June release date, with original games promised for the Xbox and GameCube over the next two years. Infogrames chairman Bruno Bonnell commented: "We take great pride in the fact that its founders chose to continue their company's growth as part of our Group. The alliance between Eden and Infogrames is a perfect example of combining creative talent with publishing power." Other notable Infogrames studios include Reflections (Driver, Stuntman), Microprose (Grand Prix) and Paradigm (Spy Hunter).

Source - press release