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25,000 Cubes pre-ordered in the UK

Nintendo 'does a Microsoft' and throws numbers at us

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Nintendo is reporting that over 25,000 of its GameCube videogame consoles have been pre-ordered in the United Kingdom, with that number set to double by 3rd May. David Gosen, MD of sales and marketing, said Nintendo was "delighted at the initial reaction", and that they "are already receiving similar encouraging pre-order reports across Europe." Gosen believes that Nintendo focuses on gaming not technology, and that this message is getting through to gamers. Nintendo GameCube has sold over three million units worldwide to date, but its passage into Europe has been less than impressive. Although Nintendo aims to spend 100m Euros on marketing the console, it failed to match Microsoft's Xbox launch date as it so nearly did in the States, and although 20 games are promised on day one these are mostly ports, with a handful of standout games and exclusives. Two of the console's most important games, Super Smash Bros. Melee and Pikmin, are actually being held back to help perpetuate the illusion of regular new software, something which fans in the States have been crying out for. Although many believe that the low price and high quality of the launch exclusives will be enough to attract fans (Rogue Leader should impress, for instance), the above, along with low retail margins forcing price hikes and a relatively poor complement of original third party content could leave the console exposed to attack from a recovering Xbox. Related Feature - Twelfth Night

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