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Punish your machine

THQ license Punisher and Captain America

THQ have announced a licensing deal with Marvel Enterprises which will see them gaining exclusive rights to develop and publish games for the PC and next generation consoles based on a selection of Marvel's top comic book series. The deal takes them all the way through to 2007, but you won't have to wait that long to see the first fruits of the agreement - The Punisher is due out for Christmas 2003. Other titles coming under THQ's wing include Nick Fury and Captain America, as well as The Call, a new property about "the adventures of real-life heroes in New York City" [pass me the sick bag - Ed] which is being co-developed by THQ and Marvel. "Working with Marvel not only on rich properties like The Punisher but in jointly creating a brand-new property like The Call is a huge win for THQ as we continue to execute on our strategy of bringing the best gaming content to market", THQ's vice president of licensing Germaine Gioia beamed. "THQ looks forward to tapping into the essence of these characters from their comic book roots and creating true digital experiences that reflect Marvel's future plans for the franchises." Related Feature - THQ snags Warhammer 40k license

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