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BT announces 'cheap' ADSL

What, again?

BT Retail is to provide a no frills ADSL option from the summer, The Register is reporting. The service currently on trial will end up a few bob cheaper than regular ADSL, but lacks the value-added clutter and services usually associated with such products. The fodder-free service, described as "unique" by BT and "overdue" by virtually everybody else, is part of the company's campaign to increase broadband uptake, something which it claims is at the heart of BT strategy. Whether the service will be cheaper than rival cable modem technologies from NTL and Telewest is still unclear. BT's competitors will doubtless be pleased to learn that the company has found new ways to undercut them. In other ADSL news, BT has also announced that it is upgrading 100 more exchanges in the UK with 500 more under review to be upgraded. The extra 100 is expected to mean more than two thirds of the UK can receive the service by the end of May.

Source - The Register