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Sheep comes to GameBoy Advance

One of the most unusual games we've come across on the PC in recent years was Sheep, a bright cartoonish game which involved herding the eponymous dumb ovines around a series of themed mazes strewn with lethal obstacles just waiting to reduce your flock to mincemeat. Now the novel puzzle game is on its way to the GameBoy Advance, with a few cosmetic changes. For example, whereas in the original PC and PlayStation versions you picked a suitably odd shepherd to chase the sheep around themselves, on the GBA you have a selection of sheepdogs at your disposal to do the herding. Sheep was an amusing and at times surreal game, and although some of that edge appears to have been lost in the rather cutesy looking translation to the GameBoy, if the actual gameplay is still intact this could prove perfect for wasting half an hour on the bus on the way to work. Expect to be counting Sheep some time next month. Related Feature - Sheep GBA screenshots