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Outcast cast out?

Development on sequel "momentarily suspended"

It looks like we might have to wait a little longer for the gorgeous looking Outcast sequel The Lost Paradise, as an update on the game's official website reveals that the game has been put on hold. The brief statement says only that "because of new development opportunities, we are sorry to inform you that the development of Outcast 2 has been momentarily suspended". What these new opportunities are or how long the suspension will last for aren't clear at this stage, although we may know more after E3 next month. Either way it's a shame - the original Outcast was one of the best games of 1999, and the early development shots of the PlayStation 2 sequel were as impressive as anything we've seen on Sony's console to date. More news when it's available... Related Feature - Outcast 2 screenshots

Yes, this is an in-game shot. Please collect your jaw from the floor on the way out.

Source - The Lost Paradise (thanks skalmanxl)