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No mem card for American Residents

Capcom confirms US package will not include Memory Card 59 ala Japan

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GameCube fans will be disappointed to learn that unlike the Japanese version of the game, Resident Evil will not ship with a bundled Memory Card 59 when it launches in the States on 30th April. This more or less guarantees that Europe will not receive the memory card either. Capcom promises that the game is still on schedule, and IGN speculates that cutting the included memory card may be a way of reducing the eventual buy price and improving the game's chances of hitting its projected release date. Resident Evil, a remake of the 32-bit daddy of survival horror, has received mixed reviews since its release in Japan, with some publications marking it very highly and others criticizing the game for the same old Capcomisms. Meanwhile, IGN also reports that Resident Evil 0, the next original instalment in the series, may be playable at this year's E3, in just over a month's time... Related Feature - Resident Evil screenshots

Source - IGN

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