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Mindscape full of Stars

Polish space strategy game on its way to the UK

Mindscape has signed the UK publishing rights to Starmageddon : Project Earth, a space strategy game from Poland's Lemon Interactive. Starmageddon looks like anything but a lemon though, with eye-catching 3D graphics, semi-realistic physics and an intriguing plot. You take on the role of a "Sundiver", a human plugged into the systems of a space ship, whose fleet is on its way to colonise a new planet when it discovers a coment headed for Earth. And as if that's not bad enough, there's a swarm of hostile aliens lurking in the comet's tail. "Starmageddon: Project Earth is a truly spectacular title that will redefine the RTS genre", according to Mindscape's Simon Orams. "The game takes the best and proven elements of the genre and combines them with some sparkling innovations, making it a universally playable game." With a summer release on the cards, we should know soon whether the game can live up to its promise. Related Feature - Starmageddon screenshots

Source - press release