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LSP bring Droopy to GBA

Cartoon tennis game due June

Permanently depressed looking cartoon dog Droopy is on his way to the GameBoy Advance in a cartoon tennis game imaginatively titled Droopy's Tennis Open. Developed by Bit Managers and French publisher Light & Shadow Production, the game will also feature Droopy's son Dripple [don't ask - Ed], the "puzzling and completely off-the-wall .. Screwy Squirrel" [ditto], Butch, the glamorous Bubbles Vavoom, and of course Droopy's arch nemesis McWolf. As well as offering "classic" tennis, the game also includes a cartoon mode which sports a variety of distinctly unsporting special attacks and traps to unleash, from toon staples such as time bombs and steam rollers to having multiple balls on court at once to confuse your opponent. Throw in four player multiplayer action, tournament and arcade options and bizarre settings ranging from the wild west to the north pole, and you have a .. er .. rather odd tennis game. Look for Droopy drawling his way on to shop shelves across Europe in June.