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Another Beta in the Desert

Join the EG crew in this innovative massively multiplayer game

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To tie in with today's big Tale In The Desert interview here on EuroGamer, developers eGenesis have graciously organised a special twelve hour beta session for all our readers, giving you the chance to take their innovative massively multiplayer game for a spin. Replacing the traditional hack and slash gameplay of most online titles with a more constructive, co-operative approach, it's a radical change from your average Everquest clone. Instead of slaying monsters and looting their corpses you will be gathering resources, constructing buildings, researching new technologies, and working together with other players to advance Egyptian culture. All you need to do to take part is head over to the official Tale In The Desert website and grab the 55Mb beta client, and if you want to be kept notified of future beta sessions simply sign up here. The special EuroGamer beta session will get underway at 5pm GMT on Friday 29th March and continue through into the early hours of Saturday morning. Everyone's welcome, and if you want to say hello you should be able to find Gestalt running around near the start area trying to remember where he left his brick racks... Related Feature - A Tale In The Desert interview

Your chance to toast virtual marshmellows with EuroGamer staff and readers

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