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Bam goes Riding in Japan

Another motorbike racing game on its way to the PS2

Bam! have announced a publishing deal with Japanese company Spike which will see their oddly titled motorcycle racing game Riding Spirits appearing on European shelves this summer. Featuring over 150 real life motorcycles and super bikes from the likes of Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki, Riding Spirits "represents high quality gameplay from a top Japanese software house", according to Bam's Anthony Williams. As you would expect, the game includes all the standard quick race, time attack, versus and career modes, with the added ability to customise your bike or trade up to a faster model using the cash you win in your races. Riding Spirits should land on our shores in June. In the meantime, we have some dodgy low resolution screenshots of the game in action for you to squint at. Related Feature - Riding Spirits screenshots

Source - press release