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Sunflowers uprooted

Internal dev team "disbanded"

Sunflowers, the German company best known for their popular medieval strategy game Anno 1602, have "disbanded" their internal development team. Henceforth the publisher will be focusing on working with external development teams, such as Austria's Max Design, who are currently working on Anno 1503. Sunflowers also have a 30% stake in a Berlin-based studio called SEK, and a long-term deal with recently formed Bulgarian developers Black Sea Studio. "We have decided to intensify our focus in the future in order to offer our studios an even better level of support", founder Adi Boiki declared in a prepared statement. "Sunflowers' support and areas of responsibility are diverse: conception, game design, technical design, music/sound, quality control, product support, worldwide marketing and sales and much more." It's not known how many staff are effected by this refocusing. Related Feature - Anno 1503 screenshots