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Hotel Giant

This elevator only takes one down

JoWooD have announced that their latest management sim will be released in the UK on May 17th. Titled Hotel Giant, you should be able to guess what it's about. Over twenty different cities are included, with a range of hotels available for you to manage, from a small bed and breakfast to a giant luxury hotel. As well as hiring and firing staff and indulging in a little voyeurism by watching your guests' behaviour, you can also play at Changing Rooms by shuffling some six hundred moveable objects around to design your dream hotel. There's even a built-in website creation tool which allows you to take snapshots of your creations and show them off to other players. "Hotel Giant gives gamers the opportunity to experience what it is really like to build and manage a hotel", according to MD Vip Patel. "It combines three vital business sim gameplay elements - building, observing and managing - so that gamers can have the total experience of the hotel industry." Whatever floats your boat. Related Feature - Hotel Giant screenshots

That's a bit saucy

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