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Final Fantasy Tactics 'remixed'

Yasumi Matsuno speaks to Famitsu about FFT, FFXII and the possibility of a Quest collaboration

This week's issue of Famitsu in Japan features an interview with Square producer Yasumi Matsuno, transcribed by avid fans as usual and shown to reveal details of the upcoming GBA version of Final Fantasy Tactics. Matsuno-san will oversee the GBA version of the game, which he directed on the PlayStation, and at about 30% complete the producer is speaking of a "remix" rather than a straight port. Although the game is not meant to be a true successor to the original game, nor a continuation, it will include elements in "a new arrangement". Matsuno-san also let slip in the interview that Square may be collaborating with his former employer Quest, and The GIA speculates that this could be to do with the Ogre Battle Saga he began during his time there. Meanwhile, Final Fantasy XII is due to finish development sometime in 2003. Related Feature - Sony questions Square

Source - The GIA

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