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Sega and THQ ally on GBA releases

Phantasy Star Collection, Super Monkey Ball, Crazy Taxi and Virtua Tennis all promised

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Although Pitfall and Earthworm Jim taught us to be sceptical of 16-bit GBA ports, the news of THQ and Sega's GBA alliance this morning is enough to have us fairly cheery. Sega plans to bring a Phantasy Star Collection comprising the first three games in the series to the GBA in early 2003, and the larger Phantasy Star IV may eventually materialise as a separate release. Further products of the Sega/THQ GBA publishing alliance will include staff favourites Super Monkey Ball and Crazy Taxi, pencilled in for early 2003, along with Virtua Tennis, which is expected slightly sooner in the tail end of 2002. Those of you not yet versed in the delights of Super Monkey Ball would do well to check out this rudimentary flash version of the game to get in the mood. Related Feature - Super Monkey Ball GameCube preview

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