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Moto GP goes all psychedelic

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

THQ has revealed that there will be more than meets the eye to their motorbike racing game Moto GP when it arrives on PC and Xbox. Not satisfied with producing glorious graphics for the game, the developers at Climax have decided to add a few bizarre little easter eggs of their own for players to unlock, in the form of several hidden brain-melting visual effects modes. Yes, you too can now imitate your favourite A-ha music video (what do you mean you don't like A-ha?) and drive around at high speed looking like something out of a sketch book, or examine all those gorgeous polygons in more detail thanks to a wireframe view. There are also some modes which can only be described as hallucinatory, including what looks like a "hot wax" effect, gaudy colour filters, and eye-destroying over-use of the game's motion blur effect. Expect a sharp increase in the number of Xboxes being returned as faulty by confused punters come June. Related Feature - Moto GP Xbox screenshots

All together now - "Taaaaaake ooooooon meeeeeee..."

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