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I'm the FireStarter

GSC announce new first person shooter

Cossacks developers GSC Game World have unveiled their latest game - a first person shooter named FireStarter. Nothing to do with the Prodigy song, or the Stephen King horror movie of the same name for that matter, it drops you into a futuristic virtual reality game which has been infected by a virus. Now you're trapped inside the machine and must complete the game within 48 hours to escape. Damn script kiddies. Along the way you will face objectives ranging from simply surviving for a given time to eliminating a target or blowing up a device. As you would expect, the game will feature a range of monsters, from demonic and parasitic creatures to more technologically inclined creatures, as well as a wide selection of big guns to shoot them with. And if you get bored of blowing up the AI, there's always the eight player online and LAN support to sink your teeth into. No great surprises so far then. What could set the game apart from the crowd though is the choice of five different characters - including soldier, agent and gangster - which you are offered at the beginning of the game, along with some RPG lite elements which will allow you to spend the points you earn from killing monsters and completing objectives on boosting the skills of your character. With the game expected to be available late this year or early next, we should know more soon. In the meantime we have a selection of not tremendously impressive looking screenshots of the game for your viewing pleasure, and more details can be found on the official website. We can only hope that this one works out better than the horribly flawed Codename Outbreak, GSC's last attempt at a first person shooter... Related Feature - FireStarter screenshots

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