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Godzilla stomps on to GameCube

Japanese monster movie melee

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Infogrames and Pipeworks Studios will be bringing some of Japan's biggest movie stars to life on the GameCube this autumn, with the release of Godzilla : Destroy All Monsters Melee. The over-sized beat 'em up will feature fourteen Japanese monster movie favourites such as Mothra and King Ghidora, as well as Godzilla himself, who will be appearing in a variety of different guises, from the new design seen in the recent Godzilla 2000 through to a mecha version of the halitosis-afflicted hundred foot tall creature. And in keeping with the movies, you will find yourself towering over Tokyo as well as taking on Seattle, San Francisco and Monster Island. Office blocks, construction sites and tiny houses will all be fully destructible, and you can even pick up debris and lob it at your opponent as people desperately try to escape the mayhem in their cars. On the gameplay front, Godzilla Melee will feature the now standard versus mode (one to four players battling it out mano a mano), survival mode (keep battling until you drop) and story mode (although let's face it, Japanese monster movies aren't exactly renowned for their deep plotting and involved dialogue). There will also be a practice mode, allowing you to stomp around the cities collecting power-ups and honing your skills, and a destruction mode, which sets you loose in a city to cause as much damage as possible within the allotted time. All in all it sounds like it could be a (radioactive) blast, and the early screenshots are certainly quite impressive as GameCube graphics go. Expect Godzilla to land in Europe some time this autumn. Related Feature - Godzilla screenshots

Now that's what I call a beat 'em up

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