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Be Jango Fett!

Episode I and II game announced for GameCube

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LucasArts has announced that it will be bringing a version of its upcoming Star Wars Bounty Hunter release to the GameCube later this year. The game is based on the events of Episode I and II, and lets players take up the role of Jango Fett as he travels through the seedy underbelly of the Republic, trying to capture the leader of an evil cult. The game will be played from the third person perspective, and the emphasis is said to be on "intense combat". The story will concern Fett's past, a subject with which those brought up on the films will have no real experience. Fett's arsenal sounds deadly, with blasters, a flamethrower and missiles at the player's disposal, and of course the ubiquitous jetpack, which we will have to wait for the film to see. One of the most interesting things about the Bounty Hunter project is that LucasArts' sister companies Industrial Light & Magic and Skywalker Sound are also said to be contributing, to the cinematics and sound effects respectively. Meanwhile, American gamers will find a teaser trailer for the new game bundled onto the end of the new Jedi Starfighter PlayStation 2 release. Related Feature - Star Wars : Rogue Leader GameCube preview

Source - IGN

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