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BattleTech comes to Xbox

Microsoft rolling out the big guns

Microsoft have just announced that the first ever console game based on the BattleTech franchise is under construction at Day 1 Studios. The game, titled MechAssault, will be an Xbox exclusive third person action game, with both a full single player campaign and a range of online multiplayer modes, taking advantage of the Xbox's built-in network adapter. Players will be able to take control of a dozen different mechs and rampage their way through a world of fully deformable scenery, where "everything can be destroyed bit by bit". Microsoft Games marketing director Pete Parsons proclaimed that "we are going to blow action gamers' minds when they unleash the massive firepower and military strength of MechAssault". What he didn't say is when this mind blowing will be taking place, but given the inclusion of multiplayer support it certainly won't be until late this year at the earliest.