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Nintendo goes clubbing

Fans in Utrecht are treated to the first Dutch Cube Club

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Earlier this week Utrecht, Holland played host to the first of Nintendo's Dutch Cube Clubs. With free drinks and food on hand and over 50 GameCubes, punters were kept happy with a large percentage of the launch line-up, along with a few games still in development, including Eternal Darkness. Unfortunately for Dutch Nintendites, Star Fox Adventures was shown on video, but not playable. Rumour has it the title has slipped to September in the US… Other attractions included a bucking bronco-style jetski and basketball challenges, with a GameCube and a GBA on offer to whomsoever managed to do best on both. Goodie bags distributed on exiting the club featured GameCube game sized CD-Roms packed with screenshots and the like, and a promotional T-shirt. Next stop, Rotterdam. Oh, and the official Cube Club website is now open. Related Feature - Nintendo busts out the chequebook

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