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DMA Design is no more..

Well, the name, anyway

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Image credit: Eurogamer

According to publisher Take 2 Interactive, Scottish developer DMA Design will now become Rockstar Studios, bringing the firm (whose name Doesn't Mean Anything) into line with the corporate branding structure. As a big fan of DMA's work over the years, your humble correspondent is saddened at the passing of this great name. DMA has been responsible for some spectacular achievements in gaming to date, and is renowned for injecting enthusiasm and innovation into its software, and gamers will no longer be able to buy DMA games safe in the knowledge that they're 'goodies'. Unfortunately, some of our journalistic brethren on the other side of the pond are blinded by .. well .. actually I'm just convinced that IGN is insane, now, okay? "Why name your development studio anything else, when Rockstar is clearly the best choice?" beams their Xbox sub-site this morning. Ah well, a toast to DMA, may their talent prevail above all else… Related Feature - Grand Theft Auto III review

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