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PSO V2 Cube news

Cube exclusives promised, but the lack of a modem could kill the online aspect

Sega is continuing to drip-feed Phantasy Star Online fans with news of the GameCube version of the game. The latest information we have suggests that a new beach area will be included exclusively for the Cube release, featuring paddling pools for the party of up-to-four and a number of enemies not seen elsewhere in the adventure. Unfortunately, C&VG is reporting that Yuji Naka (head of Sonic Team) is losing patience with Nintendo over the issue of the GameCube modem. Naka-san told reporters recently that he is "hoping" just the same as everybody else that PSO V2 on the Cube will arrive in synch with its other-platform siblings, but that "it really depends on when Nintendo is going to launch its online services." Citing "other technical problems," Naka-san admitted that the game may not be ready, but in all likelihood will be. "That's what I'm aiming for," he explained. Worryingly though, he also confirmed that as you can play the game with four players in split-screen, there is a chance the game will arrive before the modem with its online options stripped out. "There is a possibility for the game to come out first and people will still be able to play multi-player without the online service." "I'm trying very hard to talk to Nintendo so that the modem will come out the same time as the game," he added. Related Feature - Phantasy Star Online Dreamcast review

Source - C&VG

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