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Sirens call for Aces High

Voice comms and other new features for online flight combat sim

The popular World War II online combat sim Aces High has reached v1.09, with a number of new features being added as well as the usual selection of additional planes. Topping the list is a new built-in voice communications system to enable players to chat with their team mates. "Our range-based voice system allows you to directly talk to anybody that you can see without having to coordinate communication channels or IP information with them beforehand", CEO Dale Addink boasted. "In addition to this very simple-to-use system, there is also simultaneous support for private and squadron channels." A film editor has also been added, allowing you to splice together movies of your online exploits and export them as AVI files. You can view demo recordings from any angle, hop between plane cockpits, examine positional data for other players, and even listen in on your squadron's conversations. Meanwhile, back on the audio front, players will be able to hear air raid sirens going off as their base is attacked, in case the bombs dropping around them weren't obvious enough. Rounding out the patch's contents is a smattering of new planes to fly, including the German Bf109E, Bf110C and Bf110G variants, the Japanese Mitsubishi Ki-67, and early versions of the British Hurricane and Spitfire. Full details on the Aces High website.

Source - press release

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