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DVD Region-X free with PSi-2

Which is handy

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Image credit: Eurogamer

PS2 owners can now turn their console into a multi-region DVD player for the price of a magazine. Datel informs us that this month's PSi-2 magazine (issue 18) ships with a copy of its vaunted DVD Region-X software, for almost a third of its usual price. Plus you get a mag into the bargain. DVD Region-X allows PS2 owners to watch DVDs from any region by inserting the disc, choosing a region and then inserting the appropriate DVD. The software also cures the PS2's annoying green-tinged RGB DVD output problem, so it really is indispensable. In related news, both Amazon and Gameplay are promising a March 22nd release of DVD Region-X for the Xbox. We'll be sure to let you know once we have our hands on this. Update - Datel has been in contact to confirm that copy of DVD Region-X distributed with PSi-2 does indeed work with the latest PlayStation 2 consoles. "We immediately upgraded our disc format in December and now all Datel CDs work with the newer PS2 models," Datel Marketing Manager Grant Hughes told us this afternoon. So for all of you worrying about that, don't!

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