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Capcom backs PSone with fighter

Capcom vs SNK Pro due out this July

Capcom Eurosoft has announced that it plans to publish Capcom vs SNK Pro for the PlayStation this July throughout all PAL territories, demonstrating its continued commitment to the platform. The £19.99 release comprises 15 fighters from Capcom's Street Fighter series and 15 from SNK's King of the Fighters and Fatal Fury games, so even oft-ridiculed SNK die-hards can look forward to it. The main focus of the game is the Arcade mode, which features a novel point system that allows players to choose up to four characters to take into each bout. With values of 1-3 depending on fighter (boss chars are worth three, weaklings worth one), the player is allowed a total of four points per bout, and must select characters based on a combination that fits the four-point rule. Related Feature - Capcom vs SNK 2 : Mark of the Millennium review

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