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XIII marks the spot

Ubi Soft announces world's first cel shaded shooter

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Over a year after they announced that they had snagged a license to develop games based on the Belgian comic book XIII, Ubi Soft have unveiled the first title to emerge from the deal. Imaginatively titled XIII, it will be a first person shooter for the PC, PS2, GameCube, Xbox and Kitchen Sink (probably), powered by the latest Unreal technology and featuring cel shaded graphics. Although the world is currently suffering from a spate of dodgy cartoon rendered games, in this case it is at least justified as the game tries to achieve the same atmosphere as the graphic novels it's based on. Following in their footsteps, the game will feature a "compelling and mysterious" storyline and the now traditional conspiracy-of-epic-proportions™, with players trying to unravel the clues through a series of flashbacks. If this sounds too cerebral for you, XIII will also feature four player split-screen action on all three console formats, as well as online multiplayer support for the PC and Xbox. Expect to see XIII on shelves some time in early MMIII. Related Feature - Ubi Soft goes shopping for comics

Source - press release

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