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Acclaim to advertise on tombstones

It's all relevant to ShadowMan 2econd Coming, apparently

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Acclaim has announced its latest, controversial advertising campaign, for the PlayStation 2 game ShadowMan 2econd Coming due out this Friday. In a bizarre twist on the game's cult and undead themes, the firm plans to rent space on tombstones and memorial plaques up and down the land, or "erect small billboards and sponsor the headstones of the subsidised dead as a permanent advertisement". "The concept of what we're calling 'Deadvertising' is entirely consistent with the theme of the ShadowMan 2econd Coming game and provides us with a permanent presence for our advertising. Content and context are two important principles of marketing ShadowMan," Acclaim Communications Manager Shaun White commented. I'm sorry? Is it April 1st? The company is expecting a rush of enquiries for the new "deadverts". If we were them, we'd expect a shower of complaints and abuse from flabbergasted punters, journos and, oh, just about anybody with a modicum of taste. Curiously, the press release announcing the controversial campaign carries several disclaimers. "Advertising on gravestones falls outside the codes of conduct and regulations of any formal advertising bodies," the unintentionally pun-addled press release remarks. Relatives of the deceased wishing to enquire about opportunities should email

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