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Games Domain plans tourney

£20,000 up for grabs

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Btopenworld's Games Domain online games subscription service plans to celebrate its own existence this year with the Games Domain Online Championships 2002, the company has just announced. The championships, "set to become the centrepiece of the UK online games calendar," will see players competing in several popular genres, with FIFA 2002, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Counter-Strike and Games Domain's own speed chess game namechecked in the press release, for a total prize purse of over £20,000. Serious money. Kicking off in May and June with online heats, the competition culminates in a LAN based final in July 2002 at an as-yet unannounced central London venue, and if you want to get involved, you can sign up and check the rules at Games Domain's website . The first 100 registrations get a free Games Domain t-shirt, and the closing date for registration is May 3rd.

Source - press release

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