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Ninty comments on Square

Final Fantasy N details released, oh, and one of those GBA releases will be Final Fantasy Tactics...

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Further details have emerged surrounding Squaresoft's GameCube and GameBoy Advance spin-off development studio. As previously reported, the company plans to release a Final Fantasy game on Nintendo's flagship console systems this year, and Nintendo of Japan has now confirmed that the game will "run concurrently between the GameCube and GBA" and that "it will be released this Christmas". Furthermore, has done some digging and discovered that the game - tentatively titled Final Fantasy N - will offer players the opportunity to play through the adventure in sumptuous graphical detail on their GameCube, or in a modest setting on their GameBoy Advance handheld. The idea being that players can get to a certain point on the GameCube, save their game and have the data saved to the GBA, then continue the adventure on the road and pick it up again on the GameCube when they return. Any FMV sequences and the like unlocked during play on the GBA version will then be available for viewing on the Cube. Further to Final Fantasy N, Square is allegedly working on "two other titles for the GBA." Fuelling speculation, NOA added, "We hear that one of them is Final Fantasy Tactics." Spooge. Related Feature - Nintendo and Square reunited

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