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Rage Woos action genre

UK developer-publisher's new shooter employs dual firearm action - oh yeah!

Twin Caliber is the name of Rage's latest PS2 project, the UK based developer-publisher has revealed. As the name implies, it's an action packed adventure featuring simultaneous independent control of two weapons. PlayStation.com, reporting on the announcement, speculates that this John Woo-esque gunplay will involve both analogue sticks. A system using both sets of shoulder buttons is also a possibility, this writer imagines. According to the report, Twin Caliber's gameplay comes straight out of a Hollywood mis-matched partner / buddy flick, with a cop and a bad guy fighting together to rid a town of the dominant cult element. Rage is promising explosive gameplay and a two-player co-operative mode, that allows you and a friend to plough through bad guys on the same screen, scrolling beat 'em up style. More than just a cult, the evil forces at work in Twin Caliber seem to consist of mutated demons and decapitated former members of the pillaged community. Twin Caliber is pencilled in for release around yuletide. Related Feature - Twin Caliber screenshots

Source - press release