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CDV goes to i10

Breed, IG3 and Neocron all to go on show at LAN party

Britain's biggest LAN party just got bigger with the announcement that German publisher CDV will be offering visitors a sneak peek at some of their upcoming games, including massively multiplayer cyberpunk role-player Neocron, first person shooter Breed and space strategy sequel Imperium Galactica 3. The company will also be sponsoring Britain's first official tournament for their real-time strategy add-on Cossacks : Art Of War, and there's talk of being able to "meet some of the more interesting characters from CDV's games". We have images of a scantily clad Lula lookalike wandering around the venue, but hopefully it'll prove to be more .. well .. interesting. Taking place at the Newbury Race Course over the Easter weekend, i10 has the capacity to cater for a thousand gamers, making it the largest LAN party ever held in the UK. Other sponsors include BT Games Domain and Microsoft, who will be bringing along Xbox demo pods and a Halo network for players to try out, as well as an Xbox themed chill-out zone. The mind boggles. More details of i10 can be found on the Multiplay website. Related Feature - iX

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