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Delta Force returns to PC

Another tactical combat sim on its way

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Not content with releasing exclusive new Delta Force games on both PSone and PS2 this year, Novalogic will also be going back to their roots with a new PC entry in the franchise - Task Force Dagger. Due out as early as June, the fourth game in the multi-million selling tactical combat series will be based around an updated version of the Delta Force : Land Warrior engine, with a selection of new characters and weapons on offer. And in a break from tradition you will be able to play as any of ten different special forces units, including the British SAS as well as American Delta Force and SEAL troops. Ironically the developer behind Task Force Dagger won't be Novalogic itself, but Zombie Studios, best known for their own Spec Ops series of military action games and (more recently) the Rainbow Six spin-off Covert Ops. According to Novalogic president Lee Milligan though, "they have the experience, knowledge and ability to work with us to do the Delta Force franchise justice and to deliver a combination of realism and originality that will delight and surprise the Delta Force community". With Task Force Dagger just a few months from release we should know soon whether the combined forces of Zombie and Novalogic can come up with something more involving than Land Warrior, and whether the gameplay can overcome the rather dated looking graphics. Related Feature - Delta Force : Task Force Dagger screenshots

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