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No recall, says Microsoft

Well, we didn't think there was one...

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Microsoft has stood its ground on the subject of technical problems with the Japanese Xbox, which led to some 243 complaints from punters with scratched DVDs. Microsoft's Japanese website update about the incident led to certain observers announcing a full-on recall of the console, but the monstrous Redmond-based corporation has staunchly denied this, stating once and for all: "There is no recall of Xbox in Japan or any other market." Microsoft Customer Care in Japan will look into individual cases and offers to evaluate any system that a customer is concerned about. Any repairs or replacements will be made at the company's discretion. Curiously, Microsoft has chosen to downplay the significance of the issue, effectively telling consumers who have shelled out that small scratches to the outside edge of some game discs is "primarily a cosmetic issue that does not affect performance," before come out with another dubious nugget, "a positive customer experience is of the utmost importance to Microsoft." Microsoft Xbox launches in Europe and Australia (shurely the shame thing? -Ed) on March 14th, 2002. Related Feature - Xperience

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