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SCEA unveils online plans

Launching in August, we have the hardware, software and pricing details for the service

Sony Computer Entertainment America has unveiled its plans for a national online network for PlayStation 2 owners. After months of preparation, the company has announced that the service will go live in August, just in time to compete with Microsoft's competing network, which is scheduled to go online sometime this year. Both networks will allow players to compete with one another over the Internet, but instead of restricting access to those with broadband connections, Sony plans to release a $39.99 Network Adapter consisting of both Ethernet (10/100Mbps) and a 56K V90 modem. Accompanying the proposed adapter will be a startup disc, consisting of documentation, product registration options and setup files, along with a handful of online game demos. Sony's recent collaboration with many of America's largest service providers means that at least 11 million consumers will be able to take advantage of the PlayStation 2's online network if they please. Sony plans to flood the service with features and games to create a content-rich environment for its customers. In the meantime, a network beta test will commence this March, similar to the one currently underway in Europe. Related Feature - PS2 online for 70% of DSL users in Japan

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