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Thrustmaster obtains World Cup 2002 license

And proceeds to blur the line between football games and real life

Thrustmaster has secured a 2002 FIFA World Cup license, allowing it to produce a "team of accessories" to commemorate the occasion. Gamepads, an arcade stick and memory cards are currently planned for PSone, PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube. Incredibly, having already delivered a beat 'em up mat capable of picking up on the movements of able-bodied wannabe martial artists, Thrustmaster plans to manufacture a "2002 FIFA World Cup Football Stadium" accessory, composed of a mat and three vertical sensors, that can detect the player's kicking action and translate it onto the screen. Shoot, pass, lob and tackle will be amongst the actions the Stadium accessory can reproduce. The complete range of accessories will be available at the end of April, with pricing still to be determined.

Source - press release

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