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Nintendo updates Luigi's Mansion

Hopes to improve the game's replay value with improved European version

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Nintendo has altered its flagship adventure title Luigi's Mansion for the European launch of the GameCube videogame console. Shigeru Miyamoto explained that "some new elements" open up once the game has been completed, and that these additions are aimed at drawing players back into the game and improving its appeal. Luigi's Mansion suffered in the Japanese and American GameCube launches due to its short length and lack of replay value. Miyamoto-san revealed Nintendo's plans for the European launch of the title in a recent interview with GameSpot, but it is not yet known how the game has been strengthened. Nintendo has already demonstrated its commitment to Europe in a number of ways, launching at a price substantially lower than its competition and promising 50 software titles by the summer. The PAL unit will also include RGB video output and PAL60 support for 60Hz televisions. Coupled with the company's one-hundred-million-Euro marketing campaign and this 11th hour software touch-up, it seems that Nintendo has perhaps learnt its lesson. Now if only they could bring the launch forward… Related Feature - Nintendo busts out the chequebook

Source - GameSpot

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