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Microsoft defends 'scratching' Xbox

This is not an inherent problem, and only the Japs have noticed anyway

New Scientist has a story to take the shine off Microsoft's forthcoming Xbox launch in Europe. According to the web site, the infant console can have an adverse effect on the data side of DVD discs, actually scratching them. This has led to some 243 complaints from Japanese customers since its launch on the 22nd of February. Microsoft has argued that this is only a small percentage of the hundred-thousand-strong Japanese Xbox market, and that it does not intend to recall the device. Microsoft has promised to replace any consoles affected under the terms of the device warranty. Eager to deflect criticism, it claimed that a number of other CD and DVD devices have been known to do this in the past. Curiously, the company has yet to receive a single report of this problem from its North American customers. Lower standards? Related Feature - Ménage à Trois

Source - New Scientist