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Game On!

Website launches for Barbican gaming exhibition

London's Barbican Gallery has launched a new mini-site for its Game On exhibition, which is taking place over the summer, from May 16th to September 15th. Covering the entire 40 year history of video games, from the original 1962 Spacewar right through to the latest consoles from Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft, the exhibition will feature everything from vintage arcade games and classic home computers to screenings of movies inspired or influenced by video games and information about leading developers like DMA and Maxis. At the moment the official website is limited to a quick blurb about what we can expect from the show and details on how to book your tickets in advance and get to the venue, but more information about the exhibition's contents and how kids can convince their teachers to take them to it on the grounds of it being an educational experience for key stage 1 and 2 pupils will be posted over the next few weeks. In the meantime, you can find the mini-site at GameOnWeb.co.ukRelated Feature - Game On for the Barbican

It has to be the 1970s - never again would people get away with snapping the conning tower off of the Yellow Submarine, sticking a bunch of tacky plastic buttons on the front and calling it a games console. It's nice to see that gaming industry advertising has always been this tasteful though.