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Dragon Empires Piers'd

Piers Anthony to provide back story for Dragon Empires

Codemasters have revealed that author Piers Anthony, best known for his long running Xanth series of comical fantasy novels, will be collaborating with them on their massively multiplayer role-playing game Dragon Empires. As well as writing an exclusive short story to introduce players to the game world, he will also be helping to create a history for the game's various cultures and to .. er .. name them. So far all we know is that the world on which the game is set has been dubbed [drum roll please] Fortitude. Yes, exciting isn't it? Producer Ted Carron seems taken with it, anyway, declaring that "the naming of the world as Fortitude reflects the attitude to succeed in the world - the name means strength, a firmness of mind, courage, determination, and guts!" Related Feature - Dragon Empires screenshots

Fighting breaks out at Fortitude's First Annual Cartographers Society Conference as delegates argue over whether the city should be called Bob or Fnazlclak

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