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Ubi Soft investigates Crime Scene

French publisher to bring CSI to PC and consoles next year

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Ubi Soft have signed a deal with CBS and Alliance Atlantis to bring their popular TV series CSI : Crime Scene Investigation to the PC and consoles, with the first game to emerge from the deal expected on shelves late next year. There's no clue at this stage as to what kind of game CSI will be turned into, but given that the TV series centers around a group of Las Vegas investigators examining crime scenes (funnily enough) and using forensic evidence to track down criminals we can hopefully assume that this one won't be another third person action-adventure game. Whatever it does turn out to be, Ubi Soft's CEO Yves Guillemot believes that "it's really great to have the opportunity to bring such a captivating series to computer and video games". And with the show enjoying an audience of around 20 million viewers a week in the US alone, we can see why.

Source - press release

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