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Demo Fatalis

Get a taste of subterranean role-playing game Arx Fatalis

German publisher Fishtank Interactive have released the English language demo for their forthcoming role-playing game, Arx Fatalis, which is set in a (literally) dark fantasy world where the sun has gone out and the people have hidden themselves away beneath the surface. It's heavily inspired by Ultima Underworld, but comes with the benefit of atmospheric dimly lit graphics and a gesture system for casting spells, a little like the one used in Black & White but much more user-friendly. Can it live up to its initial promise? Now's your chance to find out, assuming of course that you have the patience and/or bandwidth to grab the 149Mb demo. With two levels to explore, three spells to cast and a variety of weapons to wield, the demo should give you about an hour of entertainment for your effort, and can be downloaded from any of the usual suspects -

download from 4Players (DE)

download from Arx Fatalis Online (DE)

download from BonusWeb (CZ)

download from FilePlanet (US)

download from GamesWeb (DE)

- Arx Fatalis preview

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