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FFVI sells out

Time to hit the indies

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Final Fantasy VI was finally released for the PSone this morning, and shipped with a playable demo of Final Fantasy X for the PS2. Priced at a paltry £9.99 (which really is shockingly good value), FFVI consists of more gameplay than 10 of your average PSone games, and even features a number of new CG cutscenes to spruce up the overall effect. Fans of the series who never owned a Super Nintendo (shame on you, natch) should endeavour to pick this up as soon as humanly possible. And those looking forward to FFX will want to track it down as well. Unfortunately, the FFX demo does not include a 60Hz mode, and also seems to boast some fairly hefty borders. I think it's safe to say that we're hoping this will be rectified in time for the game's summer release - having been forced to wait such a stupid amount of time for the game itself it's the least frustrated PS2 owners should be able to expect. If you do plan to rush out and buy it today though, try to stick to small independent stores, and don't even bother trying online. Amazon, Gameplay and a number of others are already sold out with more stock expected next week. We bought our copy from a local video shop. Final Fantasy X is due out on May 1st. Related Feature - Final Fantasy X

FFX - orgasmic!

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