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Take 2 celebrate hat trick

Violent threesome rules roost on PS2

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Take 2 are celebrating this week as they become the first publisher to hold all three top spots in the Chart Track UK PlayStation 2 charts. Although we're perhaps not the game's biggest fans, anarchic beat 'em up State of Emergency went straight to the top of the pile on release, where it joins the PlayStation 2 port of eye candy laden action game Max Payne and the sublime criminal caper Grand Theft Auto 3, which has been dominating the console's charts since its release a few months ago. Whether State of Emergency will enjoy the same stranglehold on the charts in weeks to come remains to be seen, but with an Xbox port of Max Payne confirmed today as a European launch title for Microsoft's heavyweight console and the long-awaited PC version of Grand Theft Auto 3 also due out later this year, Take 2 could be on a roll. Related Feature - GTA3 PS2 review

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