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Xmas Eve - March 13th

Virgin help celebrate Xbox launch

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After flamboyant launches in Tokyo and Times Square, Microsoft have announced the first details of their relatively downbeat plans for the Xbox's long overdue arrival in the British Isles. Wednesday March 13th has been dubbed "Xmas Eve", with several Virgin Megastores opening late into the night to sell the country's first Xboxes as the clock hits midnight. To get people into the festive spirit, Santa will be on hand to give "special presents" to the punters at the front of the queue and there will be free mince pies all round. An indeterminate number of lucky winners at each of the five participating stores will also win a year's supply of first party games for the Xbox, while the Oxford Street Virgin Megastore in London will feature a gaming zone where people can get a sneak peek at some of the Xbox's leading games from 10.30pm onwards. And to round the night off, the first person to buy an Xbox in London will get a stretched limo to take them home in style. Probably because it's the only vehicle big enough to accommodate both a bulky gaming geek and an Xbox. Full details of the launch and participating stores in London, Dublin, Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham can be found in the press release. Related Feature - Xbox launches in Japan

Source - press release

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