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Shigeru Miyamoto on how life is

Mario Sunshine, Star Fox Adventures, Metroid Prime, TriForce, online gaming - Miyamoto-san speaks his mind

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Shigeru Miyamoto has spoken to journalists in the UK this week as part of an initiative amongst the upper echelons of Nintendo command to demonstrate the company's enthusiasm for Europe. Having visited Germany, Spain, Italy and France, he dropped into London for a quick chat, and managed to furnish us Brits with some interesting titbits! After presenting Mario Sunshine, Star Fox Adventures, Metroid Prime and Eternal Darkness footage, he spoke openly about their development. The footage had shown Yoshi along with huge, sprawling, morphing environments, Mario swinging from bars and flipping through mesh fences as he once did in Super Mario World, and once that was over Fox McCloud went bareback dragon-riding through Star Fox Adventures before hurtling down a mineshaft on an obligatory cart. The media's first glimpse of Metroid Prime was less worrying that had previously been expected, too, with smooth, highly detailed vistas and mesmerizing special effects. Miyamoto-san also shed some light on TriForce, the Nintendo / Sega / Namco joint arcade project, named after an item from The Legend of Zelda. According to the venerable game designer, we can expect a slew of announcements in the next two months, and he also let slip that Capcom may be one of the first companies to commit to the system. The good news is that we can expect virtually every TriForce game to show up on GameCube sooner or later! With our heads already spinning, whatever else Miyamoto-san said could do little do deflate us, but he had a quick go, responding to a query about the GameCube's online functionality with the assertion that by 2005 barely 20 per cent of Europe will have access to broadband, and that Nintendo can ill-afford to program for a mere 20 per cent. Having witnessed first-hand the popularity of Phantasy Star Online over a humble modem though, this writer is surprised by Miyamoto-san's comments. Related Feature - Hip to be Cube!

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