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Chase Xbox with BAM!

The first product of Microsoft's Incubator Program

BAM! Entertainment has today expanded its next generation portfolio with the announcement of its second upcoming Xbox title. Chase is a vehicle based stunt game and is apparently the first title to be approved from Microsoft's Incubator Program, "an internal support system put in place by Microsoft to ensure that the full potential of both Xbox and external developers is met." Oo-err. South African based studio I-Imagine are developing the game, which focuses on the world of Hollywood blockbusters, explosions, multi-million dollars sets and of course, death-defying stunts and special effects. Chase follows the career of Chase Corrada, a female stunt actor aiming for the heady heights of superstardom. Chase will get to drive all sorts of vehicles including motorcycles as well as cars, and even a three wheeled Ramen delivery tuk-tuk and a large missile truck, all in the name of pleasing the director. As you can see from the screenshots, Chase is an extremely visually intensive game, and I-Imagine assure us that it will look spectacular in the long run with real-time reflections and realistic shadows, taking advantage of the Xbox's memory and hard disk features. Singing the praises of both I-Imagine and the Incubator Program itself, BAM's press release quotes Xbox Europe's Director of Publishing Michel Cassius, who explained that the Program is "all about locating talented groups of developers tha show promise, and giving them the support and resources they need." "The incubator program is a great initiative and it has helped ensure that I-Imagine is able to make the most of Microsoft's technology in producing Chase," confirmed BAM's MD Anthony Williams. Chase is due for release in summer 2002. Related Feature - Chase screenshots

Source - press release