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Overclocking is fine, says AMD

But don't start remarking chips without telling the consumer...

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The hardware enthusiast crowd can breathe a sigh of relief this week, as rumours spreading through the ether about AMD's stance on overclocking turn out to be untrue. That's according to The Inquirer, who claim that a source close to the company straightened things out for them yesterday. AMD's previous stance has always been that enthusiast overclocking does not harm its bottom line and as The Inq put it, "perhaps encourages more chip sales". The process of remarking chips for profit without advising the consumer needs stamping out though, and this is still one of AMD's priorities according the informant… He goes on to say that any attempt to "clock limit" future AMD chips would be futile anyway, adding that there is always a way to get round the CPU manufacturer's intentions. Related Feature - AMD Athlon XP review

Source - The Inquirer

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