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Jurassic Park Tycoon

Zoo Tycoon gets dino add-on - god help us

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While we were less than impressed by Zoo Tycoon, it seems that the game was one of the top ten sellers on the PC (in the US at least) during the last three months of 2001. And so inevitably it has spawned an expansion pack, which will add new objects, animals and scenarios. Titled Dinosaur Digs, it looks set to plunder the bones of the Jurassic Park franchise by letting you add a range of over sixty extinct animals to your zoo, from Crichton favourites like T-Rex and the Velociraptor to other well-known dinosaurs such as .. er .. wooly mammoths. To make your survivors of a land that time forgot feel at home, you will also be able to add suitable surroundings for them, such as prehistoric foliage, tar pits, and giant high voltage electric fences to toast annoying little kids with. Microsoft Games manager Stuart Moulder somehow managed to declare that "mass appeal and innovative gameplay are key benefits that position the 'Zoo Tycoon' franchise for continued category leadership" while keeping a straight face. Just about the only thing less innovative than Zoo Tycoon's gameplay is jumping on the Jurassic Park bandwagon for the add-on pack, complete with the promise that "unhappy dinosaurs may break free and wreak havor on the zoo and its guests". We already have Sam Neill on standby. Related Feature - Zoo Tycoon review

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